Are You A “Pear”? Choose The Right Cocktail Dress

Choosing the right cocktail dress for your style and body type can become quite tricky and frustrating. I still remember the days I spent searching all the stores to find “THE” dress that would flatter me and match with my style after becoming a mother. I used to wear easily almost everything before. But, after pregnancy, my body had changed to “pear” shape. So, I had to rediscover my body. The many different dresses I wore in the fitting room made me realize one thing; the key to the right selection is to understand firstly your body. Because when you learn your body type and what dresses are ideal for it, you can easily choose the best dress for you among many different styles, even with closed eyes!

Pear: Narrow shoulders and torso, small waistline, wider hips.

This is the classic pear-shaped body. I think it’s one of the most feminine shapes its little waist and its rich curves. But, it needs something to draw attention in the upper body and balance the lower curves. There are many different cocktail dresses to succeed that.


A-line dresses usually benefit all the body types, as they highlight beautifully the waist and hide cleverly the hips under a well-shaped style. Moreover, strapless dresses benefit narrow shoulders and draw attention in the upper body. Pair it with a stunning necklace and earrings and you get a fabulous look.


Another way to wear a strapless dress and flatter your pear body shape is by choosing a cocktail dress that flows softly under your waist and creates curves without revealing your body line.


The same stunning effect can be easily succeeded by wearing a ball gown dress. This impressive curved bottom with its classy line will be always considered the most formal female attire for social occasions.


V-neck has the power to draw all the attention in the upper body. It is also a great choice in order to look taller and our silhouette more linear. A striking A-line or flowing dress with a V-neck can become the perfect style for a pear-shaped body, as it makes notably noticed its strong characteristics and widens our shoulders.


Monochrome dresses work well on the pear-shaped bodies. Yet, another great trick to hold the eyes on your upper body is to use different colors. A two-toned dress with a brighter upper part and a darker lower part would highlight your bust and overshadow your wider hips. And, here you can play with different styles of cocktail dresses and choose between a two-toned strapless or V-neck dress with an A-line, ball gown, or flowing design.

DON’T for pear bodies. In this category, I think that belong the body fit dresses because they reveal the difference between the shoulders and hips. But, if you want to wear them anyway – why to hide these rich curves? Kim doesn’t do it! -, you can choose a dress that emphasizes your shoulders with an impressive upper part or exquisite sleeves.



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