Outfit of the day: Nautical

What if the calendar shows 2nd September? What if this means that it’s actually Fall? What if some people believe that the summer is over? What if I start seeing withered leaves and rain features in the social media posts? August was a very difficult month for our family… I had other plans for many things, but my Mum diagnosed with a serious medical problem. So, we spent most of the month in hospitals, doctors, and diagnostic centers, because she had to make a surgery as soon as possible. You know the August in Greece, even in the middle of this severe economic crisis, it’s a month that everything under functions as many people, among them doctors, are on vacations. Fortunately, thank God and thank many wonderful people we manage to schedule all the necessary things, the surgery was successful and now we hope for the best results…

So allow me to take a summery extension and the truth is that I really love striped sweaters and blue sneakers and if you see someone wearing them in the middle of winter, it’s probably me… 😉




    1. J Crew stripe shirt  |  jcrew.com
    2. White top  |  zazzle.co.uk
    3. Boyfriend jeans  |  soliver.eu
    4. Keds shoes  |   ae.com
    5. Diamond stud earrings  |  etsy.com
    6. Men’s silver bracelet  |  etsy.com


I wish you all a beautiful afternoon and I hope my blog to return back to its routine… xoxo!!!


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