shorts and tartan

shorts and tartan

Introvert… In the middle of July during our vacation, I came across this word many times.

An article about Susan Cain’s book “Quiet” and the power of introverts; how western society underestimates them, by overwhelming “extrovert character” as the synonym of success. The next day I had noticed a girl on the beach who was reading a book with this word as a title. All these coincidences brought in my mind a period in the university when my roommate and I were making jokes each other using this word and laugh. It was true that if not introverts, we were surely semi-introverts. There were days we wanted to talk all the time and hang around with our friends and other days we were stuck on our nook with a good book and headphones.

Now, I’m thinking that the idea we had for our introversion was more something like being tolerant, not say much, keep it all inside and then one day … BOOM !!! So, we thought an introvert person was like a volcano; (s)he may be inactive, but one day (s)he will awake and explode in one way or another, leaving behind “fire and ashes” … instead of making a logical conversation, keep the good stuff and leave the bad and continue in a common ground! And, I believed and still believe that this revolutionary explosion, although inevitable, was not beneficial for anyone, even for the introvert who would gain more if (s)he had expressed earlier and gradually his/her feelings, thoughts, and objections.

So, it was a big surprise for me to find out that this was only one side, among many many others that introverts have. As all the types of characters, they have their advantages and disadvantages. And, the truth is that for the first time I felt relief and not weird for my periods of introversion. You can find more about introverts and Susan Cain here if you like

Wish you all – introverts, semi-introverts, semi-extroverts, and extroverts – a delightful weekend !!! Take care and don’t forget … “the quietest you become the more you can hear” … xo xo !!!



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