Nature Photography Komorebi [Light and Leaves]

In the previous days I was post-processing some photos from our short trip to the forest of the mountain Belles, outside the picturesque village of Ano Poroiaduring May when I came across to this photo of beautiful tree leaves brightened by the sunlight. As I have described in my previous blog post the weather was ideally sunny, the foliage of the forest was fresh and thick, playing gently with the sun rays and creating wonderful transparencies and shadows. 

I always search for new keywords and descriptions when I upload a new photo in order to enrich my old ones. It’s amazing to find out new words through this process, especially when the new word exists only in one language. This time, my search led me in one beautiful Japanese word that describes precisely the phenomenon when the sunlight is filtered through the trees.

木漏れ日     Komorebi 
Komorebi is the interplay between the light and the leaves and in Japan, the country of the rising sun, they need only one word to express it. Moreover, the way, which the word Komorebi is composed, is so interesting: 

木 means tree
漏 means escape
日 means light or sun

I searched more to find similar words in English and in Greek, but unfortunately I didn’t find some single word. There are sunrays and sunbeams, which are more general and they describe the shape of the sunlight when is entering through a small hole, wherever this hole is. On the contrary, Komorebi describes not only the interplay between sun and leaves, but also the result of it as a light curtain inside the forest, or the reflection of it on the ground. The existence of this word is not strange at all for the rich traditional Japanese culture, which appreciates so much nature and trees, like bonsai and cherry blossom (sakura). So, the next time you will walk in the woods don’t hesitate to capture sunbeams and leaves… that is Komorebi!!!

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