Three of my photos in the Top 25% Most Voted

© ioanna papanikolaou

Flowers are a very common subject in photography and there are plenty of them everywhere. Every species, every color, every angle is well covered by many wonderful captures and portfolios. Yet, when you hold a camera and meet a beautiful blossom, it is almost inevitable to photograph it. You want to keep in file this moment of unrepeatable freshness and ephemeral beauty. 

Another issue is to choose the right photos to submit in a contest. I always find it so difficult to choose, which is more appropriate to the theme and has more chances to win a good rank. And, in the case of flowers this makes it even more difficult because there are so many in my portfolio covering different aspects, moods and styles. 

The previous days three more photo competitions that I was participating have ended and I was very happy to discover that three of my photos were in the top 25% most voted photos in the crowd voting and one of them earn an expert comment

Plum tree blossoms close-up‘ had win the 58th place chosen out of 412 wonderful spring photos in the contest ‘Spring’

© ioanna papanikolaou

And, ‘Soft pink zonal pelargonium‘ has ended in the 65th place chosen out of 487 amazing photos in the contest ‘The Colour Pink’

For the end, ‘Small daisies close-up has ended in the 57th place chosen out of 876 and earned an expert review by Helen Maynard. This is her comment for my photo:

“This is a lovely image. The combination of colours is beautiful, the grey background lends itself well to the delicate flowers, giving an overall calmness to the photo. I like the arrangement of the group of flowers, but I would like to see the flowers cleaned …

It is always interesting and helpful to read the critic of an expert, especially when it explains not only the strengths of your photo, but also the weaknesses. I really thank that give us this opportunity through its contests and Helen Maynard for distinguishing and commenting my photo among so many others!!! Wish you all a beautiful Wednesday… xoxo !!!


All the photos are my original copyrighted work © All Rights Reserved by Ioanna Papanikolaou