Under €100 Wedding Outfits Without High Heels

photo credit: pixabay

Hello everyone !!! Happy Monday !!! Happy new week !!!

It’s been ages since my last post here!!! I needed my time to re-organize things in my real home, but also in my “internet homes”. I had to finish some projects that I hope to present them here in the next posts. Re-think, re-organize, re-decide … all these with a retrograde Mercury!!! I don’t know what of those will last, but it feels nice to renew and reschedule. 

Today’s post is about wedding outfits and what to wear in order to avoid high heels. It’s a completely out of me subject, but this weekend I had the most bizarre accident ever in a wedding. I wore my favourite wedges after a year – it’s a summery pair after all. We reached the Monastery where the ceremony took place. It had a cobblestone, really uphill path to the church and then in my left feet the shoe sole has started to unstuck gradually. How embarrassing !!! And, I didn’t take a second pair with me because these were my very comfy!!! Of course, I had to eliminate my moves inside the church and fortunately my husband had a glue in the car and we managed to hold them until the wedding party was over!!! The only moments that I walked, were to come and go !!! I wasn’t lifted from my chair … !!! Next I will wear flats and definitely take a second pair with me …!!!
All outfits have under €100 total and they are combining gowns with sandals. A very comfy, yet chic combination!!! 

What was the most bizarre accident that has ever happened to you in a wedding ??! Wish you all a beautiful day … xoxo !!!


4 thoughts on “Under €100 Wedding Outfits Without High Heels

  1. λατρευω τα χαμηλα παπουτσακια και γι αυτο και τα απολαμβανω. σκεψου οτι στο γαμο μου, τα παπουτσια ειχαν 3εκατοστα τακουνι!!!! μεχρι εκει! χαχαχαχα

    υπεροχες οι προτασεις σου και γενικα τα σανδαλια αρχαιου ελληνικου τυπου, ειναι απιστευτα!


  2. Χαχαχα τέλειο το περιστατικό! Πάντα κυκλοφορώ στους γάμους μαζί με ένα δεύτερο ζευγάρι φλατ αλλά μετά ξεκινάνε τα θέματα με το μήκος στα μακριά φορέματα! Άστα να πάνε και ετοιμάζομαι για γάμο σε νησί! Πλακόστρωτα και τακούνι = no way!


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