Summer Trend 2015 • Yellow Colour And How To Wear

Yellow is definitely a summer color. As a symbol of happiness, joy and laughter, it matches perfectly with our summery mood and the bright sunny days. There is some beliesf about yellow that hold it back in most people’s choice. Ιn a 2000 survey, only six percent of respondents in Europe and America named it as their favorite color (source: wiki). For example, it makes our skin look pale, or it symbolizes jealousy. Yet, in eastern cultures like the Chinese, yellow is considered one of the favourite colors as a symbol of wealth and nobility.

Shades Of Yellow

Yellow color is not only the bright neon one. There are many different shades of color from amber and gold to cream and lemon chiffon. The secret is to find the right hue that flatters your skin and your style. Rules like ‘blondes never wear yellow’, ‘yellow is for brunettes’ or ‘yellow washes out anyone with light skin’ are not unquestionable. There are several examples and photos that prove the opposite.

Solid Color Dress

Yellow solid color dress is a summer trend and there are several ways to wear them from everyday dress with sandals to special events with pumps. I really like the idea of wearing it with gladiator sandals, which is also a big trend for this season.

Choosing One Piece

There is no reason to dress up all yellow. One can choose a statement piece; a vibrant canary yellow top, a soft yellow pair of jeans, or a mustard yellow skirt, and combine it with white, black or grey colors. Some yellow details in accessories can be matched harmonically.

Using Yellow Accessories

Accessories are useful to pop up our clothes. A total black or white apparel could be brighten with pop yellow accessories and change our usual look in a more summery mood.

I’ve always had more than a yellow piece in my summer closet no matter what color was my hair despite the fact that yellow is not a first choice color. From burgundy red to blond and now brunette again (yes… I’ve made many hair changes …) I’ve always found a shade of yellow to match with my style and colors and it was always fun to wear.

So, in what category do you belong? Do you wear yellow?
Wish you all a beautiful Thursday … xoxo !!!



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