Photo Contest • Fifth Annual EXPOSURE Photography Award

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Three days are left for the early entry deadline of the Fifth Annual Exposure Photography Award, the world’s largest celebration of photography.

EXPOSURE is a photography award and a global celebration of the image, premiering July 13th at the Louvre Museum in Paris with submissions from 191 different nations over the past five years. The photography submitted to exposure has been seen by over three millions viewers.

You can submit your photos and find more information about the contest in this link:

 © ioanna papanikolaou

I already participate with five photos from the street life in the waterfront of Thessaloniki city, some of them black and white and some colored. The first phase for the free entries is to gather votes and comments. 

I will really appreciate all your support and contribution with your votes and comments in this link:

 © ioanna papanikolaou

© ioanna papanikolaou

© ioanna papanikolaou

© ioanna papanikolaou

Every vote and comment is highly needed.

If you submit your photos in the contest, please leave your link in a comment in order to see and support your work.

Wish you all a beautiful Tuesday ☺ !!!

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