My Photo "In The Center" Wins the 8th Place in the Contest ‘Resting’

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On March 22nd post, I wrote about my participation in the contest “Resting” organized by Photocrowd. The contest, judged and voted, ended and before four days the winners were announced. And, I think that this was my greater “photo-moment” until now for 2015! 

It’s officially in the Top Ten Expert Choices of the contest and gains a place among the photos that appear in the first page of the site! That’s so amazing and thrilling and such a great honour!!! And the other important thing is that my photo has gained an expert review by the professional photographer Janie Airey.

The space and simplicity of this wide shot are perfect. Making the image black and white enhances the graphic strength of the photo with the strong vertical lines leading the eye into the resting figure and the boat off shore. The softer horizontal lines of the sea work well too. Making the image b&w has simplified it and focused us on the structure of the shot. The classic rule of thirds always works well in photos and paintings and this photo has that going on with the three different horizontal sections of deck, water and sky. There is the right amount of contrast in the shot too. A lovely shot.

It’s so important to have expert reviews (positive or negative) for our photos from an objective third person that has the required knowledge and experience. We take an important other view, which is outside and far from us!

Thank you so much Photocrowd for organizing these contests and give us the chance to participate! And, thank you all for your votes and your overwhelming support with your positive comments! It means a lot to me! Wish you all an amazing week!!!

6 thoughts on “My Photo "In The Center" Wins the 8th Place in the Contest ‘Resting’

  1. Μπραβο κουκλα!!!! η φωτο σου ειναι υπεροχη και πραγματικα το αξιζεις!!!! και παλι μπραβο!


  2. Έλα ρε θηρίο!!! Μπράβο κοριτσάρα μου! Έτσι ρε η Θεσσαλονίκη να βγαίνει μπροστά! Καλέ που είναι τα κουμπιά να κάνω κοινοποίηση;


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