SeVeN • My weekly review of favorite links and articles 03.15


It’s a quite busy Sunday and this week will probably be very busy, too. I guess you have the same feeling as the Easter holidays approach. Fortunately, I found the time and I managed to complete my weekly list of favorite links and articles despite the time pressure. I hope you like them and find them useful and interesting!

I. 18 Struggles Of Having An Outgoing Personality But Actually Being Shy And Introverted by Brianna Wiest on

This is one of the things that always puzzled me. I don’t know if it’s possible to have an extrovert personality although you are shy. But many things written on this article really match some of my thoughts and feelings. That’s why I included it to my list in order to share the idea of this possibility no matter how bizarre it sounds. What do you think? Could one be outgoing and introvert at the same time?

II. DIY Easy Easter Project on

I love the easy DIY projects that need little time and few materials as I don’t have an exclusive space or an exclusive time! The previous week I found this easy Easter project and it really caught my eye, because it’s fast and needs only a few materials; water, corn flour or glue, colorful strings, and balloons. It couldn’t be more simple and low cost. I will definitely try it before Easter.


III. 10 Beautiful Home Office Design Ideas on

Home office design ideas are one of the things I enjoy to scroll down on my Pinterest board or to find out new inspirational images in other articles and blogs. I really dream to have a separate home office to decorate it in my way and hang on the walls my things. Yet, in our current home, this means to build a new room, which is completely impossible as we live in an apartment! So, for the moment through these photos, I’m just dreaming how my home office desk would look like.

IV. 16 Top Tips from Blogging Experts for Beginners by Belle Beth Cooper on

I guess I’m not a beginner in blogging according to the criteria of time since more than two has passed from my first blog post. Of course, in the first year, I wasn’t very sure about what I want to do and how to do it because I had so many ideas and so little experience and knowledge about blogging. But I still feel a beginner in the way I’m still learning every day new things, I’m still pondering what decision to make in blogging matters and I’m far away from my ideal blog. I always find very useful and inspiring to read advises and articles from blogging experts even if some things are just repeated from one text to the other. After all, repetition is the mother of knowledge and I hope to find this article useful, too.

V. Craftcount – Tracking Etsy on

It’s simple curiosity to learn what is more selling on the web and who sells it. And, it is a just simple human habit to learn from the best. Craftcount is a site that tracks Etsy top sellers via the sales count in every category and country and it is updated every 24 hours, showing only sellers with 1,000 sales and over. Do you ever wonder who sells better in your category on Etsy? Here you will find all the lists you ever thought. Very interesting site from many aspects and you can also register your Etsy shop.

VI. 2015 Trends – iStock on

To have your own voice in photography is so difficult and so essential. But, to find your personal mark you must explore and you should experiment. One of the things you can search your fields for experimentations are the trends. There are trends not only in fashion and design but also in photography. And, it is always inspiring and interesting to take a look at the current trends. I always love monochromatic photos and I have this belief that they are too eclectic. But, guess what? They are in many photography trend lists for 2015.  These are the eight visual design trends that iStock lists for 2015.

VII. Find Your Interior Design Style – Interactive Quiz on

This is an awesome quiz exploring your style preferences through images. It also gives you interior design examples according to your results with amazing pictures. So, my result is a designer (I wish I had this self-knowledge before my twenty’s) and I like iconic looks, vintage art and a perfect blend of old and new. What is your style? I will be so glad to know it through your comments!

Wish you all a beautiful day … xoxo!!!




Photo Credit: Pixabay

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