SeVeN • My Weekly Review of Favorite Links and Articles


Life goes fast everywhere… I hardly manage to read, see or think something and the next moment something else pops up. So much information and so little time rethink it!

SeveN” is my new way to keep a track of things that I read or see during the week and worth sharing. It’s Sunday after all, recharging and relaxing, at least most of the time! What is better than a Sunday morning cup of coffee and an interesting article?

1.  10 Surprising Benefits You ‘ll Get from keeping a journal by Thai Nguyen on

Thank God there is blogging for us – including me – that can’t stay in the program for a long time. One is sure after years practicing; the more you write, the more you find to write. It’s like a circle of inspiration!

2 . Blog trends: earn money without guilt on

That’s another ‘hot’ blogging issue. Many many bloggers – including me – would love to do what they love and be rewarded for the time they spent. This a very interesting aspect of monetizing your passion. Meanwhile, this is my husband’s joke after two years blogging…

3. 34 ways to decorate your walls even if you’re a terrible DIYer on

For periods that inspiration dries out, articles like this can give you a creative impulse. DIY ideas seem that will never really end, despite the fact that some days our mind is ’empty’. Just remember to keep a list of the new ideas and DIY project … It’s so easy to forget them after a while!

4. Interior: Why black and white will always be the perfect color pair in any home on

Spring is always a perfect season to make big or small changes on home. I will paint my house soon and I’m searching for ideas to renovate decoration. Black and white are on the top of my thoughts and every new article of black and white decoration ideas is overwhelmed!

5. Tips for Pricing your Handmade Goods on Craftsy

ARTbyJWP is recently joined Etsy to host my handmade creations and the most difficult thing after creation, which is a joy anyway, is pricing. So, I start reading relevant articles in order to come to a clue.

6. Free Download. A Collection of Rusted Textures on

I’m always looking for textured images to take ideas, or even use in my layered creations. That’s a free collection of interesting textures to enhance your digital compositions.

7. The Visual DNA • Who Am I? Quiz on

For the end, my list has a visual quiz trying to reveal our personality through images. Even if I never remember the results of quizzes and tests, I really enjoy just taking them!!!

Wish you all a beautiful day …xoxo !!!


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