Flares on Trends for Spring 2015 and how to wear

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This post really functions like a time machine for me. From the US navy suits of 19th century and the hippies’ must-have symbol of 60s and 70s, flared jeans marked my youth, when in late 90s had dressed my teen revolution. 

flare and mint

Then, I was a classic rock admirer, listening Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin and Rolling Stones unstoppably, twenty four hours a day. Not only I had bought and I had been wearing a couple of flared jeans, but I had also asked my mother to sew some more – she is so capable in sewing -, because I wanted more pants with color diversity. After so many flared on my clothes and the return of straight lines with my adulthood, I didn’t think even once to wear them again. This would have been somehow a turning back to all the endless teen’s self-defined problems.


And, when the previous week we were having lunch outside with friends, I was astonished to see that one of them had bought and wore flared jeans. I felt a little weird … Could I wear them again without the feeling of a forgotten teen rebel in 90s?!!! May be yes, maybe not … I will find it out in my next shopping walk !!!

black and white in balance

Yet, one is sure; there’s a flared revival everywhere and here some inspiring articles to see more about this come back:

flares & pastels

Have you already made posts with flared pants and outfits? You can share the link of your blog post here until March 15th. Just click on the bottom “Add your link” and copy / paste your blog post link in the new dialogue page. Feel free to visit, comment and share the links of others!!! 


So long, skinnies !!! Hope you all have a beautiful Tuesday … ☺!!!


8 thoughts on “Flares on Trends for Spring 2015 and how to wear

  1. Το πρώτο σύνολο θα το φορούσα και θα το έβγαζα ξανά καλοκαίρι!!!…Τέλειο για τα γούστα μου!
    Φιλάκια πολλά Ιωάννα!!!


  2. Υπέροχοι συνδυασμοί!!! Το πρώτο και το τελευταίο είναι από τα αγαπημένα μου!!!Ειδικά τα παππούτσια από το τελευταίο σύνολο είναι στη wish list μου αλλά ακόμα δεν έχω αξιωθεί να τα πάρω!!! Ευχαριστούμε Ιωάννα μου!!! Φιλιά πολλά!!!


  3. Χαίρομαι πολύ που σου άρεσαν Αναστασία !!! Γρήγορα να αποκτήσεις και τα παπούτσια σου εύχομαι!!! Καλό σου βράδυ!!! Πολλά φιλιά!!!


  4. Ήρθα και εγώ επίσκεψη στο όμορφο μπλοκ σου!
    Έχεις κάνει ωραίες επιλογές Ιωάννα μου! Πολλά από αυτά θα φόραγα,( μην πω όλα και φανώ άπληστη!! )
    Καλό βράδυ^^


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