Photos & Notes. Looking for Details

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I always take my camera with me and I always think how the scene I see, would look framed. It’s a game that I play with my mind in order to find what I really like to capture and create. But, sometimes the scene is not quite what I’m looking for, or I just don’t see anything interesting, or new; nothing dramatic, or very beautiful to worth to be captured. 
When this happens, I have a ‘secret’ way out to my creativity again. It is something that most of the time succeeds; I look closer the small details. I adjust my zoom on my camera and start photo-shooting close-ups. What looks like usual and common from a distance, may look so interesting and amazing when we see it closer. Like Immanuel Kant wrote once: “Look closely. The beautiful may be small“. And, he was so truly right.

Moreover, it’s amazing how many things one can learn from the details; new things that were neglected; useful natural findings that when we see them from far they tell us nothing. 

In one of my photographic walks in nature after a rainy morning, I came across a beautiful wild rose shrub, which had these beautiful red hips on it. They were shining, washed by the rain, and small water drops were hanging on them like jewels. They looked awesome.

At the same night, as I was talking with my friends and inhabitants of this gifted region and showing the natural findings I photographed during the day, I learned that from the wild rose (or, otherwise dog-rose, or dog-berry) hips, one can make so many delicious and nutritious things, like marmalade, tea, even a kind of liquer. Wild-rose fruits have a large concentration of vitamin C and there are many studies about their beneficial effects on human body. Who could ever imagine it? These red hips that grow almost everywhere in our land, could hide so many precious secrets? Surely, not me! My urban growth left many gaps in my knowledge about nature.

That’s why I always try to see not only the forest, but also the tree and stand as close as I can. Because sometimes the tree may reveal more treasures than the forest in which it exists; just like human beings and the place we live. Everyone is carrying a small treasure that when is seen in the whole, united with others, makes a land unique. 

All the photos and text are my original copyrighted work © All Rights Reserved by Ioanna Papanikolaou. 

3 thoughts on “Photos & Notes. Looking for Details

  1. Φοβερή η macro φωτογράφηση Ιωάννα μου! Μού άρεσαν πάρα πολύ η πρώτη καί η δεύτερη φωτογραφία!
    Μού αρέσει πολύ τό blur background στά θέματά σου
    Συμφωνώ!Η ομορφιά βρίσκεται στίς μικρές λεπτομέρειες!!
    Καλό βράδυ!!Φιλάκια!


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