Storaging And Decorating Home With Baskets

Rattan, bamboo, handwoven baskets, fabric, or even plastic, can play an important storage solution in our home and be an affordable trend to adopt in our decoration for this year.

The answer to what to storage in those baskets is so simple … EVERYTHING.

01_ Magazines, books, newspapers.
02_ Cushions and linen that we use often.
03_ Flowers, or plants, instead of using a vase.
04_ A beautiful table counter piece and seasonal fruits, or candies.
05_ Pretty towels, lotions and decorative soaps for the bathroom.
06_ Appliances of our hobbies, like wools, spools, fabrics, scrapbooking, etc.
07_ Small items that usually don’t have a specific place, like remote controls and TV guides.
08_ Candles, ribbons, artificial, or dried flowers, in an artful composition.
09_ Jewelry, or makeup, comb, and brushes.
10_ Toys and other kids’ stuff.
11_ Hanged them on the wall in an artful fabulous display.

A pretty basket can be both practical and artistic!

I think that in every corner of our house there is an ideal spot to place a beautiful basket:
under the coffee table, or home office desk,
beside our sofa, or armchair in our living.
in our bookcase, closet, kitchen cabinets, etc.
on the dining table, mantel, desk, shelves, sideboard, console, chest of drawers, etc.

Another great idea is to place or hang the basket near the doorway in order clutter all the stuff we need when we leave the house. You can find many ideas in my “DIY Storage…” Pinterest board.

You can also see this amazing DIY felt basket project by Dimitra in Decor Asylum blog making an economical and easy storage basket, made by felt! Have a beautiful and easy-going week … xoxo!!! Jo_

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PS. There is always this tiny chance that the Thursday’s Full Moon in Taurus, the zodiac of grounding logic and practical organization, already “caught” me … xoxo!!!

4 thoughts on “Storaging And Decorating Home With Baskets

  1. Basket ♥ Υπέροχες οι επιλογές σου και το ένα καλύτερο από το άλλο!
    Τα μεγάλα πνεύματα συναντιούνται πάντως Ιωάννα! Καλάθια για οργάνωση και ομορφιά εσύ, καλάθια για καυσόξυλα εγώ 😀
    Καλή εβδομάδα και καλό μήνα να έχουμε.


  2. Αγαπώ να έχω καλάθια και να τα γεμίζω με πράγματα! Ποτέ δεν είναι αρκετά! Άσε που χάζεψα τις προτάσεις σου και τώρα θέλω και άλλα!!


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