Artist of the Week. An interview with Jutta Maria Pusl

Today, I share with you one of the two winners of the “Artist of the Week XXIV Grunge and Textured contest”, the artist Jutta Maria Pusl and her winning work “Softly Whispering“. Jutta Maria is a talented artist and retired teacher from Germany that has studies in educational sciences with the main focus on arts. Her portfolio covers a very wide range of mediums and themes, as Jutta is fascinated by different kinds of art, like photography, 3D graphics, and painting in order to give form to her restless creativity. Her acrylic, oil and watercolor paintings are exposed in her place of residence.

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FAWbyJWP. What is art for you? 

Jutta. Art is creative and creativity is my passion.

FAWbyJWP. Would you like to tell us few words about yourself and your winning artwork? 

Jutta. I liked to paint, draw and take photos from childhood on. When I started my working life and then raised a family I had not the time to continue my hobby. After a break of about 25 years, I began to create images with my computer. At the same time, I restarted to paint. The winning photo was an experiment with textures, colors and the possibilities of Photoshop. It shows a small withering tulip of my garden.

FAWbyJWP. Which things you enjoy to create most and why? 

Jutta. I’m very versatile and I like to create many kinds of art. I enjoy digital art making 3D images as well as photo manipulation and fractals. But I also like to paint in a traditional way. 

FAWbyJWP. How do you think that your work differs from the other artists? 

Jutta. I don’t know. I always try to follow my own ideas and my intuition.

FAWbyJWP. What motivates you to continue? 

Jutta. I am glad when people like my artwork, and not to forget: it’s my passion! 

FAWbyJWP. Can art change someone’s life in a better way? 

Jutta. Yes, of course. When I’m creating an image, I’m able to forget the time and sometimes all the daily troubles.

FAWbyJWP. What is the best advice you ever heard for your work or your life as an artist? 

Jutta. No idea. I don’t remember to have heard a good advice.

Thank you very much, Jutta for this interesting interview. You can find and follow Jutta Maria Pusl and her wonderful work in her site.

One thought on “Artist of the Week. An interview with Jutta Maria Pusl

  1. Πολύ ενδιαφέρουσα η δουλειά της!Μού άρεσαν ποιό πολύ οι φωτό μέ τά λουλούδια!!
    Καλό βράδυ Ιωάννα μου!!Φιλακια!!


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