Photos & Notes. Stuck together.



One thing that photography surely taught me and was so beneficial for me, was to “stuck” me on the present moment. I was always such a thought escapist, thinking about the past or the future, when I should just live the present … But, with the camera at hand, you have no other choice than to be there … to watch, to observe, to choose and isolate only the present. The past or the future are invisible components of what you see. Maybe, you can make an interpretation of them in the post-processing and photo treatment. But when you are there, you are only trying to grasp your reality as good as you can … there is no time for wonder … You have to come closer to what surrounds you and discover all the trivial, but so beautiful details, like these lovely snails stuck together in an autumnal meadow! I hope you all have a beautiful day!!!

Hugs & kisses


3 thoughts on “Photos & Notes. Stuck together.

  1. Πανέμορφο καί πολύ ρομαντικό τό μαξιλαράκι σου Ιωάννα μου!!
    Υπέροχη καί η φωτό πού τό στολίζει!!
    Καλό Σ/Κ!!Φιλάκια!


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