DIY Pebble Art Making A Fish Relic

When we visited this summer the cave of the Dragon in Kastoria, a very beautiful well-preserved and organized cave, our excellent tour guide often appealed to our imagination in order to describe and name the impressive forms of the cave. Here were the “curtains”, there was the “fairy”, or the “dragon”, or whatever one could see with his imaginative eyes… And, I was thinking how lucky and blessed are those who work with natural materials, like stones, drift woods, clay, etc. It’s pure magic to transform a lost piece of wood to a boat and a stiff stone to a beautiful creation …

So, using pebbles to create simple and minimal framed compositions somehow carries a bit of this magic! And, I say this because when I found this triangle-shaped pebble in a beautiful beach of Halkidiki in northern Greece, I knew that it was definitely the tail of a fish relic and it was a matter of time for me to find the rest of its “body”!!! Around there, the rest of its pieces were hidden!!! The way to make simple creations of pebble art has one important and unique material… imagination!!! The rest are easy: a shadow box frame, a piece of cardboard, hot glue, silicon gun and, of course, beautiful pebbles…


You can find more of my pebble artworks on my Etsy Store,

ARTbyJWP pebble art – mixed media.


Pebble Art Mixed Media Fine Art Photography by ARTbyJWP on Etsy.clipular



You can discover many other easy, but impressive, DIY ideas with pebbles and rocks in my “Pebbles and Rocks” board on Hometalk.


Firstly published on FAWbyJWP blog

4 thoughts on “DIY Pebble Art Making A Fish Relic

  1. Ιωάννα μου εκπληκτικό το ψαράκι!!!!! Είναι εκπληκτικό οντως να συνδυάζεις απλα πραγματα και να δημιουργίες κάτι που να φαίνεται περιπλοκο και τόσο ομορφο! Εύγε!!!!


  2. Ότι έχεις κάνει μέχρι τώρα με βότσαλα είναι εντυπωσιακό!!!!!!! Ιδιαίτερα κάτι που ήταν σε μαύρο φόντο και είχες δύο ανθρωπάκια να κάθονται σε ένα παγκάκι!! Πάω να δω και τα υπόλοιπα 😉


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