Pebble Art – Heart Rock In A Shadow Box

Every day I read in the DIY blogs I follow: “100 projects for autumn”, “50 projects for September”, “10 projects for the weekend”… I’m too slow, or too out of focus… ?! Is my creativity in question, if I want to accomplish one project every week and be happy about it?! The truth is this summer my DIY projects went vacation for months and for good! So, I think one step every week is enough for now… And for the beginning, a very easy pebble art project with this year sea treasures that I really enjoy to play and create!

Most of us had found on the beach pebbles that look like something. I think the heart is the most familiar shape. And, this huge beige heart-shape stone was discovered by my husband and my son, when they were playing on a beautiful beach in Chalkidiki, called “Paradeisos” (Heaven), near Neos Marmaras village. And, due to its size, it was the first I saw when I started to organize my materials for the autumn. I really like it, although it has this clumsy appearance… Maybe because it is a really BIG heart!!!

What You Will Need:

Paper, watercolors, a thin brush, hot glue, a silicone gun and a shadow box frame … that’s all you will need!!! With the hot silicone glue attach your “heart” on the background cardboard – whatever you choose to be! I thought it will be nice to combine it with a watercolor background of small blue anchors and put it in a white shadow box!!! I choose maritime anyway!!! Have a beautiful evening!!!

○ See how to transform a simple frame to a shadow box in this older post.
○ And for more ideas, browse my Hometalk Pebble and Rocks board:

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