Nautical and teal living room decorating ideas

Hello everyone!!! It’s been a long time since my last post on my blog. August was full of vacation, family matters and unexpected events and DIY projects stayed so behind! And, they still remain in the background as I have to re-organize my space and materials. Yet, thanks to my friend Zina from Ef Zin Creations and her beautiful post with the inspiring title “Summer is not the end”, I remembered how fun is to make Polyvore boards using the summery colors that have “haunted” me this period.

“Nautical and teal” is inspired by a photo I’ve taken during August in a beautiful seaside village of Chalkidiki. I was walking on the light concrete dock when I realized how beautiful this beige color of the pier was combined with the clear teal waters of the Aegean Sea. So, I stood behind a rusty ring that is used to tie the ropes of the boats and with my lens, I framed this beautiful composition of colors and textures.

nautical and teal


Ren Wil metal floor lamp
€13 –

Hand made rug

WALL beach scene wall art
€12 –

Arteriors candles candleholder
€155 –

H M off white curtain
€6,72 –

Fish paperweight
€64 –

Nautical theme home decor
€225 –

MoMo fabric couch
€445 –



Hope you all enjoy the last days of this summer!!!

6 thoughts on “Nautical and teal living room decorating ideas

  1. Αν και το ναυτικό δεν είναι το στυλ μου, οι επιλογές σου στο τραπεζάκι και την επιδαπέδια λάμπα είναι εξαιρετικές! Όσο για τη φωτογραφία, σαν πίνακας φαίνεται! Την καλημέρα μου 🙂


  2. Μα δεν ειναι φοβερο να συνδυαζεις στο polyvore? Μου θυμιζει λιγο το παιχνιδι με τις χαρτινες κουκλες!
    Οσο για τα χρωματα που επελεξες, λατρεμενα κ τα δυο. Ακομα δε γινεται καλυτερο με τη φωτο σου. Αριστουργημα! Ιωάννα μου σε ευχαριστώ!



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