PhotoBiennale 2014 Thessaloniki. A visit to Logos I & IV.

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Two Saturdays, two exhibitions and one of the most important artistic events for the city of Thessaloniki this summer. 

The two previous Saturdays I had the pleasure of visiting two of the exhibitions that are running for the PhotoBiennale 2014 in Thessaloniki, LOGOS I in the Museum of Photography (Warehouse A, Dock, Port of Thessaloniki) and LOGOS IV in the Ancient Agora of Thessaloniki (Filippou and Agnostou Stratioti corner, in Aristotelous square). 

The theme of PhotoBiennale 2014 is LOGOS (Discourse). It is the last part of the thematic trilogy, following TIME (Chronos, 2008) and PLACE (Topos, 2010-2011). In Greek language, “logos” means the discourse, the verbal and written communication or debate, but also the reason. All the artworks that are presented in these exhibitions are somehow connected with the verbal and written communication. They combine images with words, or they narrate a story, or they subvert the discourse with an unconventional way.

I really liked the fact that there are many talented artists from different countries and cultures within a timeless, boundless and universal thematic framework. I always enjoy visiting dock A and the Museum of Photography, but I also found such a great idea to include other places for the exhibitions and I think that the Ancient Agora was an excellent and very distinctive choice. 

And, although we live in the age of the ultimate visualization, and despite the fact that photography through digitization is more easily accessed than any other time, the photograph still demonstrates its many potentials and shows its power, not only as a record and as a document that captures the past, but also as an artistic statement and evidence of creativity and imagination. These were the thoughts that are haunted my mind after the end of my visits and I hope to see and the rest exhibitions of PhotoBiennale before the end of July.

What I saw:

LOGOS I (Museum of Photography, Thessaloniki)
Photos souvenirs – Carolle BenitahMA
Album – Daniel BlaufuksPT
Cocoon – Sissi FarassatIR
3:2 – Hwanhee KimKR
The Guilty – Ji Hyun KwonKR
Chan – Aixia LiCN
White on White – MaleonnCN
Le Voyage d’ Ulysse – Joachim MogarraES
Eiristho – Konstantinos IgnatiadisGR

Icon Stand – Andreas LoucaidesCY
Life Narratives – Nikos MarkouGR
Black – Yorgos PrinosGR

Duration: May-July 2014
Opening hours: Mo closed, Tu-We-Th 11.00-19.00, Fr-Sa-Su 11.00-21.00

LOGOS IV (Ancient Agora of Thessaloniki)

Icons – Gabriele Di StefanoIT
Times New Roman – Tim ParchikovRU
Silver Diamonds – Enida TurkeshiAL
Self-Portraits – Kostas KiritsisGR-US
The Landscapes Behind – Angela SvoronouGR
50 Hz – Panagiotis TomarasGR
Entrances and Exits – Kleopatra HaritouGR

Duration: 10/05-31/07/2014
Opening hours: Tu-Sa 08.00-20.00, Su 08.00-15.00


If you live in Thessaloniki, or you are going to visit Thessaloniki for holidays and you are interested in Art and Photography, I think that it’s worth visiting PhotoBiennale. All the exhibitions will be open until the end of July, or some of them during August. You can find the main program and more information in the site of PhotoBiennale 2014:
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