Artist of the Week. An interview with Steffen Gierok

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Today I’m very happy to present the interview of the freelance artist Steffen Gierok, the first place winner in the “Artist of the Week XVI – The Red Contest” with his gorgeous work “Summer Dream“. Steffen Gierok is a very talented freelancer artist from Germany and in his wide-range portfolio one can find stunning landscapes, gorgeous flowers, still life, and other beautiful themes. Hope you enjoy his interview and work as much as I did!

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By jwp. Would you like to tell us few words about yourself and your winning artwork for introduction. 

Steffen. There is not much to say about myself. I work as a freelance artist. I love nature and the seasons. Each of these seasons has its special charm. Since the competition was titled Red, the poppy immediately came in my mind as the typical red summer flower. I was lucky on these flowers with the light and their special place. 

By jwp. What do you think that played a significant role to your decision to choose photography as a mean of creation and expose your work? 

Steffen. My medium is photography to keep the special moment firmly that I have experienced. I am an artist very long time. Even as a child I painted or made ​​sketches. When I had completed my professional training, it was only a matter of time before that comes to photography and digital imaging, also to me. I am a professional advertisement material manufacturer. I am from the area and graphic design. 

By jwp. Are there any photographers and artists that influenced you? How do you believe this is reflected on your work? 

Steffen. There are many artists and photographers who inspire me. Also, many works from amateur photographers, which I find terrific because the moment or the work is so beautiful. 

By jwp. How would you characterize your activity in online communities like FAA or social media networks? Does it play an important role in your sales? 

Steffen. FAA and social media play an important role for me. I am selling my work on many platforms. FAA is just one of them. The social media networks have attached importance for me with wonderful advertising and new contacts. 

By jwp. Can art change someone’s life in a better way? Would you like to give an example? 

Steffen. Yes, art can help to releaf from pressure or to show one’s feelings. It can be a bridge to cope with life stories. 

By jwp. What is the best advice you ever heard for your work or your life as an artist. 

Steffen. My advice is “Follow your heart and do not let it get you down defeats. Get up and do again a first step. No matter what others say”. I wish all a lot of inspiration and thank you for 1st place … I’m so thrilled. 

Thank you very much Steffen for this interesting interview. You can find and follow Steffen Gierok and his wonderful work in Fine Art America site and his personal site:



4 thoughts on “Artist of the Week. An interview with Steffen Gierok

  1. Φοβερός φωτογράφος Ιωάννα μου!!Καί τά θέματα πού επιλέγει,πολύ αγαπημένα μου!!
    Πανέμορφη η φωτό μέ τό λιβάδι γεμάτο μέ τίς παπαρούνες!Μπράβο γιά τήν παρουσίασή σου!!
    Βλέπω πώς ενθουσίαστικε καί ο Steffen!!Καλή εβδομάδα!Φιλάκια!!


  2. Σ'ευχαριστώ πολύ Dimi μου!!! Χαίρομαι που σου άρεσαν οι φωτογραφίες και η συνέντευξη!!! Καλή και δημιουργική βδομάδα και σε σένα!!!


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