Free e-book of the week: Craft & Vision 1 – 11 ways to improve your photography

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There are so many free e-books on the internet and it’s always so tempting to make huge lists of links that send to the free source, demonstrating how much we can read and learn without spending a penny. But, the truth is that in the age of countless information and limited time, these e-books stay on the list and few of us take the time to read them, even browse them. So, I will limit myself to one a book at a time.

This week I really want to share with you this free e-book I found on the Craft& It contains eleven practical articles from professional photographers: David duChemin, Piet Van den Eynde, Andrew S. Gibson, Nicole S. Young, Alexandre Buisse, Stuart Sipahigil, Eli Reinholdtsen and Michael Frye. 

 CRAFT & VISION 1 – 11 Ways to Improve Your Photography

It’s easy to read it, despite the technical matters it discusses; it has great photographs and examples to catch your attention and it’s the perfect introduction to learn more about digital photography and get the most of your camera. 

Many think that digital photography is more about a great gear and many clicks, but of course these are in the top of the iceberg; what is easily seen… Underneath and behind, there is a huge space of knowledge, experience and experiments that one must obtain and conquer… Hope to enjoy the reading and find it useful as much as I did!!! 

4 thoughts on “Free e-book of the week: Craft & Vision 1 – 11 ways to improve your photography

  1. Πάντα το μεγάλο μου πρόβλημα ήταν να διαβάζω σε οθόνη. Ένα πολύ μεγάλο κείμενο θα προτιμήσω να το εκτυπώσω κι έπειτα να το διαβάσω με την ησυχία μου. Ότι όμως έχει να κάνει με φωτογραφικό υλικό είναι χίλιες φορές καλύτερο σε ψηφιακή μορφή!


  2. Πολύ χρήσιμη η ανάρτησή σου Ιωάννα μου!!Θά τά κατεβάσω νά τά μελετήσω!!Εχω τόσα πολλά νά μάθω σχετικά μέ τήν φωτογραφία!!Ευχαριστώ πού τό μοιράστηκες μαζί μας!!Καλό μήνα!!Φιλάκια!


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