DIY make your own zen garden

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photo by t_s_l, via pixabay

Sometimes we have things in our home decoration that we can “upgrade” them and change them easily to something else them with no cost. In many gardens and balconies we usually find on the table small trays with decorative sand and small rocks.

Gifts & Decor Miniature Table Top Zen Rock Garden Mini Tabletop Set

In these trays, if we add a small statue, or other natural materials, and a wooden fork, we can change it to a zen garden. Zen garden is a balanced combination of sand and rocks, in which we can create long harmoniοus curves and lines around the rocks with the sand and the fork. 

Gifts & Decor Tabletop Zen Sand Rocks Candle Holder Rake Garden Kit


Zen gardens were used to enhance meditation and inspiration. It’s a peaceful and simple activity to occupy your hands, when you want to let decompress your mind from anxiety and worries. Also, it’s a very beautiful decorative element for our home, especially for our garden and our balcony.

Toysmith Deluxe Zen Garden


According to feng shui consultants, a great area to place zen garden is the Northeast, as this area represents the self-growth and inner cultivation. 

3 thoughts on “DIY make your own zen garden

  1. Πολύ ωραία ιδέα και σίγουρα θα δείχνει πολύ όμορφος ένας τέτοιος επιτραπέζιος κήπος στο τραπέζι του μπαλκονιού!
    Καλημέρα & καλή εβδομάδα Ιωάννα 🙂


  2. Μου άρεσε αυτή η ίδεα!!! Έχω δισκάκι, έχω πέτρες και άμμο το μόνο που πρέπει να βρω είναι ξύλινο φτυαράκι!! Και τώρα σκέφτομαι πως θα ταίριαζε υπέροχα πάνω στο τραπέζι της τραπεζαρίας μου!! 😉
    Καλό καλοκαίρι να έχουμε!!


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