The Story Behind: Window to the World by Jane Ford

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Jane Ford is an accountant and a self-taught photographer. Before 15 years ago, she bought a digital camera about to take on hikes and then it just happened; she discovered a new world through this photographic lens. Her photos, for the most part, convey peace and tranquility. She tries to catch the overlooked, or undiscovered beauty of every day life; anything that inspires her. Shadows, water and reflections are her most favourite subjects, but she tries to photograph what she can instead of limiting herself. 

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Today, I’m happy to present her amazing work “Window to the World“, which is also one of Jane’s favorite photos. “When I took it,” Jane explains, as she talks for this photograph, “I just thought of it as a pretty scene. Later on, I realized it was a window to my past. As a teenager, I used to look out of my mother’s kitchen window while doing dishes longing for a different life. Like a majority of teens, I wanted to be free of restrictions. I wanted to explore the world around me, but couldn’t. In my eagerness to become an adult, I wished my life away. Now, I would give anything to be back in my mother’s kitchen where time seemed to stand still”. 

Yet, Jane’s teenage curiosity and eagerness to explore the world seems that found its way to bloom through photography. “I keep this thought in mind whenever I go out,” she says. “I can travel anywhere in the world, but if I fail to see the beauty that surrounds me then I’m not really living, I merely exist.”

Thank you so much Jane for sharing with us the story of your stunning work and your beautiful thoughts. You can find and follow Jane Ford and her wonderful work in her site:

2 thoughts on “The Story Behind: Window to the World by Jane Ford

  1. Kαλησπέρα Ιωάννα μου!Υπέροχη η παρουσίασή σου!!Η Jane,έχη κάποια ιδιαίτερη φωτογραφική ματιά!Μού αρέση πολύ η δουλειά της!Καλό Σ/Κ!!Φιλάκια!!


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