DIY weather station toy for kids

What a funny and creative idea for your kids (above 3 years old) is to play choosing the everyday weather. You can use for station either a magnetic board or your fridge! To make weather signs you will need simple materials and little time to design and sew it. If the fabric is colored that’s great; if not, you can use white fabric and paint it with colorful pens. 
what you will need
small pieces of fabric (white or colored, blue and yellow) 
needle and thread
5 small magnets
colorful markers
magnet board (optionally)
1 • On a double folded fabric, draw and cut the meteorological signs: one sun, one cloud, one-two drops for the rain, a lightning and a snow flake. 
2 • Sew the two sides of every sign together and fill them with cotton. Add a magnet inside, in one of sides. Sew to close the material.
3 • If the fabric is white, color the signs; yellow the sun and the lighting, blue the rain and the snowflake. 


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