Doodle Heart For Valentine’s Day


Happy month! Happy February! Although I’m not so the Valentine type, all these hearts that filled the blogs I follow, put me in the mood! To frame a heart is a project full of possibilities, using any available material. I liked every project I saw, from a plain, one-colored heart on a white sheet to a wooden heart composition with pallets. 
Yet, somehow doodling haunted my inspiration. 

Doodle is nothing more than a mindless or aimless draw that you do when you think or do something else. It’s considered a simple design, but in reality one can create complex masterpieces. Before starting your project, make a googling on doodling for fresh inspiration. Then, you will need only three things: 

○○ white sheet, 
○○ thick-ink pen 
○○ photo frame. 

Make a simple drawing of a heart and fill it with any shape or line comes to your head or hand. I’ve always made doodle, from early childhood until now, but I never thought that they seem so great when framed.


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