discerning vs judgemental

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“Of course we need to accept ourselves as we are, but we can’t stop there. We also need to value ourselves enough make needed changes”. Steve Goodier

I read once in a book about the management of the self and the team what a pity and a bad luck is to live or work with judgemental people. This statement was so clearly true that immediately brought to my mind incidents of the past. We all experience at least once in our life the unpleasant consequences of dealing with such people. They represent the one edge, the harsh and the unreasonable because their “criticism” lacks in basic elements of critical thinking: objective purpose, fair attitude, complete information, clear observation, systematic interpretation, logical conclusions. Thus, they create only unhappiness, negativity and a sense of injustice.

The other edge is to deny any ability of intellectuality and reasoning. In order not to be judgemental, we refuse to express any kind of critical view or opinion. We cannot all be good at anything any time. To say that someone’s performance in an activity is bad, it doesn’t cancel the meaning of his existenceAs long as these personal estimates are made with respect and kindness and are based in real and objective criterion, we should only be grateful for the clear view that they offer us. 

To live in harmony and benefit by ourselves, by the others and by our environment, we should always try to stay discerning rather than judgemental or listless. Discerning is to observe ourself and what is around, discriminate with objective standards and make clear decisions about our life and our relationships. Besides, a sharp eye always help one survive.

Raghunathan Raj, Ph.D, Don’t Be Judgemental, Be Discerning, www.psychologytoday.com, 10-05-2011.
Πετρίδης Βασίλης, Το μανατζμεντ του εαυτού και της ομάδας. 

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