new way of seeing

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porto koufo, chalkidiki, greece
“My destination is no longer a place, rather a new way of seeing.”
Marcel Proust

I said that it seemed to me little upset and anxious. He told me that he has seen nothing of that. I said that the situation was a little awkward. He said that all were on my mind.

We think that we see clearly and with certainty the world. The truth is that we see clearly, but only those things we turn our attention to. Studies have shown that in about hundred information we receive, we remember only one. Our brain filters what happens around us and decides what to perceive and what to neglect. Emotions, motives, needs, even moods, play their role to this “hide-and -seek”. All this stuff, which our “inattentional blindness” (Mack A.&Rock I., 1998) ignores, are what we don’t look for, or don’t expect to see. And the whole picture becomes a question for anyone can see