unexamined life

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edessa, greece

“The unexamined life is not worth living.”

Yesterday, we asked a good friend, much older from us, who celebrated his birthday, if in these 54 years of wandering on earth has found the meaning of life and what he would advise his 30 years old self, if this was possible. He tried to explain to us with some examples and some incidents of the past, using irrelevant details. It was difficult for him to come to a specific conclusion. After a small break, he said that the most important is not decide anything when you are extremely happy, angry or sad. That he would have said to his younger self, if it had been possible

But, this is the problem with the wisdom, which life’s experiences give us; it can’t be taught or transmitted with words. You must experience it yourself to learn and know. Maybe you can try to be prepared or cautious only to avoid big problems. It’s like toddlers’ training; they will never understand what is hot until they feel a little burn.