one’s destination

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ammouliani island, chalkidiki, greece

“One’s destination is never a place, but a new way of thinking”.
Henry Miller

Traveler or tourist; journey or vacation; travelogue or trip review; The idea of traveling was always considered a challenging, almost brave experience, like the ventures of Gilgamesh and Ulysses. Endless poems, songs, stories and books have been written to praise the adventures of such fearless travelers. The word journey usually is not referring to a simple movement, but to a whole gradual “A to Z” progress; from birth to maturity; from ignorance to knowledge; from nonsensical to meaningful existence. 

In ancient times, people traveled to make battles or to be saved from wars, to escape from a problem or to find a survival solution, to make their fortune or satisfy their curiosity and their desire for knowledge. Nowadays, despite the conveniences of the global and modern ways of traveling, there are still people that are forced to start a dangerous, sometimes fatal, journey for the same reasons of survival, as their ancestors, while many others organize their vacation for relaxation and refreshment and choose destinations in order to fulfill their desires and their expectations about life. 

No matter what content and meaning we give in these ambiguous words, the essence of the journey and the nature of the traveler remain apocalyptic and transformative for one’s life and personality, either is perceived and aimed or not. 

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