Photos & Notes. A Morning Seaside Walk And Two Poems

Waterfront by ARTbyJWP [joanna papanikolaou] CSC_3185


Taking a look on my photos from my first morning walk for 2013, two poems came to my mind: “Morning Sea” by P.C. Kavafis and “The periphrastic stone” by Kiki Dimoula.


Let me stop here. Let me too, look at nature awhile.
The brilliant blue of the morning sea, of the cloudless sky,
the yellow shore; all lovely,
all bathed in light.

C.P. Kavafis, Morning Sea
translated by Edmund Keeley/Philip Sherrard


The search for an authorized translation of Kiki Dimoula’s poetry wasn’t so easy, but it led me in an unexpected happy end. The Yale University Press published (in October 2012) a wide collection of her poetry, translated for the first time in English by Cecile Inglessis Margellos and Rika Lesser. This collection of Kiki Dimoula, who is one of the most important and prized contemporary Greek poets, is titled “The Brazen Plagiarist”. And, surely, it’s worth not one, but countless readings, thoughts and feelings!

noun, substantive,
extremely substantive,
singular in number;
gender not feminine, not masculine,
gender defenseless.
Plural the number
of defenseless loves“.
Kiki Dimoula, The plural


Wish you all a wonderful New Year! Hugs & Kisses!



Image Credit: ARTbyJWP Photography

 © All Rights Reserved

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